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One morning recently the Holy Spirit gave me a Vision and Word of Knowledge regarding the current state of the Church.  You surely have been there, the moment just before waking when your mind is rested and your own brain hasn’t kicked in yet.  I find those are magnificent times for me to understand what Abba Father wants to convey while my own intellect doesn’t intrude.

Envision in your mind as I recall the picture I saw . . .

It was as though all the earth stood before a great mountain with one impossibly beautiful peak in the center at True North.  The mountain of God was covered with trees, lush meadows teeming with wildlife and capped with snow.  The promontory was surrounded on either side by scraggly, non-descript hills to the east and west with barren, lifeless landscape.

God’s mountain flowed forth sparkling blue water that cascaded down its slopes forming the River of Life directly from the Throne.  Its waters are the pure Word of God and Life as conveyed in Scripture.  Jesus stands at the head of the River, for He is the Word and the Cleansing Water of life.  When His Church, His own Body is properly aligned with Him, and following the path He has laid out He breaks the force of the water.  It then becomes a pure, cleansing flow when the outside influence is eliminated.  The water is invigorating, edifying and purifying but not destructive in His wake.  The current in the River outside His Presence is so strong one can be pushed downstream by the flood without His protection.

Back in the craggy hills on either side of the mountain, creeks and streams also flow down onto the earth.  The hillsides are the home of the old gods, the fallen angels and their pagan religions, the occult, and false doctrine.  These gullies are full of muddy water, debris and rocks chugging down through the ravines into ponds, creeks and canals along the river.  There is no clear water here, only filth, flint-like cutting gravel and sediment from the lifeless landscape emptying into the stagnant pools on either side of the river.

I saw the ponds and pools had been formed by those seeking refuge from the river currents.  They had moved away from their center, from Jesus and struggled with the strong current of the rushing river outside His protection.  Rather than turn back for safety and the purity of the Word, they floundered toward shore.  What appeared to be solid ground, was only marsh, filled with quicksand and danger.

On one side of the River I saw western Religions and Churches with different denominations having created their own pond.  They were still interconnected and even in proximity to the river, but they were also joined to those muddy streams and creeks from the scraggy hillside above. It was the debris from these hills streaming into the ponds which caused the confusion, damage and spiritual descent.

On the east side of the River I saw pools of Judaism and Eastern religions – Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and their offshoots.  The mixing was occurring on this side of the river as well.  False doctrine, New Age and Occult came flowing in with pagan worship of old to contaminate the stagnant waters.  There was an element of truth in all the pools, but those with the greatest deception were almost black in color.

Many sought protection from the strong current for they had moved from the harbor of Jesus’ teaching and sought safety on the shore.  What they found instead was religion, denial of the Word, and compromise with the Pagan and Occult.  They sensed the spiritual descent occurring, but seemed unable to break free and return.

Many were fearful of the strong river current and the treacherous journey to Jesus.  The people near them seemed almost threatening and preferred instead to build estuaries and a name for themselves to control others, just like the leaders at Babel. Yet, these backwaters allow no cleansing and far from being a place of safety, are instead a breeding ground for deception and apathy.

It is filthy and muddy, yet great numbers of people continue to hold on tightly to the familiar.  Those promoting this safe space assure anyone who would consider the purity of the River they must stay.  They point to the great crowds of people and even good works of charity being done for those around them.  Like the carnival barker they promise . . . Prosperity and Greatness is coming . . . Blessings are on the way . . . Qualify yourself . . . Scrub Harder at the Filth. Attend More Services, Work harder, Pray more, Tithe more, Feed the Homeless and Your Righteousness Will Come . . .You haven’t done Enough . . . It’s Your Fault . . . Keep Hanging On.

The other side of the river offers much the same encouragement, yet this side adds the seeming safety of rules, commandments, dietary restrictions and the allure of ancient ways.  Their method of qualifying, and cleansing is asceticism combined with personal sacrifice and holiness while adhering to the rules, observing the feasts of old and walking into the future by repeating the past.  The appeal is the pride of self-sacrifice and the ability to do what others are unable or unwilling to do.

As I looked on, it was clear some had made progress and come out of the stagnant ponds on both sides.  They were beginning to break new canals toward the river. Some were almost at the water’s edge, but hesitant to plunge back into the current and swim to Jesus.  They looked at the river current and the piles of baggage they were carrying and realized it was impossible without casting aside the weights of religion and false doctrine they carried.

More people from both sides of the River had begun to see through the façade and were challenging the wolf leaders.  They realized the quiet water covered evil, fetid water and certain death.  They remembered with longing the clean water, peace and safety of Jesus.  They encouraged others to jump in the river and trust Jesus to rescue them, for many have never been there.  They had a mental agreement about His existence, but they did not know Him.  They had lived their whole life in the cesspools, calling themselves Christians . . . yet they had never known the cleansing Water of Life . . . and the Savior.

The crowds which once gave comfort, now seem to smother and stifle joy, light and life.  The friends of old become the mockers and scoffers, furious at any who would dare seek new light.

But, the brave ones are beginning to awaken, they can smell the clean, clear air and water of the river . . . but they’ve lived in those backwaters their entire life and have no idea how to swim.  They are gripped with a Spirit of Fear, although they have seen others make it to Jesus, they’re not sure they have the courage.

I can see, in the vision, there is little time remaining for those who would brave the river and seek Jesus once more . . . or for the first time. The river is approaching the waterfall and will soon scream over the rocks in fury into The Tribulation.  Those who would be saved from the coming wrath, MUST JUMP NOW . . . there is LITTLE TIME LEFT to reach the safety of Jesus’ arms.

How can they be made to see?  One leap of faith, trusting in Jesus . . .  into the River of Life . . . and they would experience the Miracle . . . of His Arms, His Righteousness, His Cleansing . . . and Eternal Life.

Thanks for taking time for me . . . 


Sherry Driskell Griffin

P. S. If this was a Blessing to you . . . be a Blessing and pass it along!




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