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. . . BECAME A BABY . . .


Christmas is not about a day, a date, or even a season.  Christmas is about Jesus, the Christ, and the reason for His Birth . . . Redemption for the World!  Can this most miraculous of nights be confined to one story, one night or even one season? Sages will tell tales and Minstrels will sing for time immemorial in celebration of the one who created. . . both the night and the Shepherds!

Who better to tell this story than those who witnessed it firsthand, from their own beginning . . . our Divine Brothers . . . Mal’akim, to whom we carelessly refer as angels!


SIDETRACK – MAL’AK or MAL’AKIM – is the Hebrew word translated as Angel or Angels (plural) in English. This conveys only a very limited understanding.  The Strong’s H4397 – Mal’ak is correctly defined – to dispatch as (1) a deputy; (2) a messenger, specifically of God, that is an angel (also a prophet, priest or teacher); (3) ambassador, (4) angel, or (5) king.  The Pre-incarnate Christ, before He was born as a baby, was termed the “Angel of Yahweh”, who is also the King.  Those to whom we refer simply as angels are many, varied and with vastly differing appearance and . . . responsibilities.


Holy Spirit has, over time, encouraged me to see this night from the perspective of those who exist in another realm, the Divine Beings surrounding the throne. They are the same Beings who have known Our Savior from the moment they came into existence at His Spoken Word.  Snippets of their story are strewn throughout Scripture and form the backdrop for this telling.  Now, we will hear the story of the most miraculous of all nights, told as though by one of their own . . . a divine being, a Mal’ak, we shall call . . . StoryTeller!




         You may call me StoryTeller . . . I am not of your realm, but rather one to whom you refer merely as an “angel”. Perhaps another day I will address Divine beings and our varied roles, if I am permitted, but on this occasion, I speak only of The One to whom all Honor belongs. Your appellation is Jesus, the Christ. His earthly Mother, Mary, knew Him as Yeshua.  One of my favorite names you have given Him is, Immanuel, meaning God With Us!  This story is about my realm, the realm from which the Son of God came and to which you, too, may one day come – if you . . . BELIEVE!

         Have you ever paused, just for the whisper of a breath, to consider The Being who became Baby Jesus?  For eons, I have marveled at the pageantry you enjoy when describing His birth and the longing of many to know more. Yet, I sense a curious disconnect in your understanding of who Baby Jesus is . . . and who He has always been . . . the King, the Son of God.  Thus, I sought and gained permission to share with you the history of That Great Being. . . and of the night the Servant King came to Your Realm . . . As A Baby . . . the Savior who would conquer sin and death to Reign Forever!

         Before earth was spoken into existence by the One who is the Son of God, He spoke and the Mal’akim, Divine Beings like myself, were created. He uttered a command and we appeared at His feet, fully formed and highly functional.  This same King, the Angel of Yahweh, who would one day come to earth and be known as Baby Jesus, spoke the World and everything of your realm and mine into existence.  All that I share with you is in your scriptures, yet many have not pieced the puzzle together . . . perhaps it would help if you saw it from our vantage point . . . the Realm of the Heavens!

         He has been from Everlasting, as have the Father and Holy Spirit. They are three, yet one, eternally existent. They are not created beings as you and I – They ARE CREATOR, the original cause of all things!  Oftentimes, in Scripture and from your realm, you are unable to distinguish which of the Trinity is operating, this is Their Choice . . . WHEN THEY ALLOW. . . you are given the ability to see . . . if not, it is not a thing you may know!


JOHN 1-3 LEB – CREATOR OF ALL (Emphasis Mine)

           1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was GodThis one was in the beginning with God3 All thingscame into being through him, and apart from him not one thingcame into being that has come into being


         My brothers and I were fully formed, sentient and quite beautiful when we were created, but nothing could compare to our Creator, the Living Word Himself! The Being I saw then, and now, is magnificent beyond your comprehension, for He IS Light, His Throne is Light, His countenance is Love. . . and He Was Then, as He Is Now. . . King of the Universe . . . Lord and Savior!


SIDETRACKELOHIM–Hebrew for sons of God, denoting divine beings. The word is indicative of their type (divine beings) and their address (living in the heavenly realm).  There are many elohim, but only one Yahweh, The Elohim.  Yahweh is a divine being and His primary place of residence is Heaven. The word elohim does not denote nature, characteristics or abilities as some wrongly suppose, merely the primary location of being. 




             Oh, my Child, if you had been there when the heavens and earth were created!  What a great and glorious experience. . . all the Holy Ones, the elohim, sang for joy in concert with the entire creation as it was formed by His Spoken Word – the stars, the sun, the moon and all the orbiting bodies!  We saw the three who are one – Father God, Unique Son and Holy Spirit as the work was completed.


JOB 38:4-7 LEB – THE ANGELS REJOICED (Emphasis Mine)

4 Where were you at my laying the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you possess understanding5 Who determined its measurement? Yes, you do know. Or who stretched the measuring line upon it? On what were its bases sunk? Or who laid its cornerstone, 7 when the morning stars (the heavenly creation) were singing together and all the sons of God (elohim) shouted for joy?


         Our Creator, in all his radiant glory, merely spoke and the universe was formed . . . we could but marvel at the sight.  We watched in fascination as the creatures of earth began to roam, swim and fly.  Not one creature in existence, neither a bug nor a worm, could have come forth without His spoken word.  The simplest of life forms to the most complex owe their existence to His masterful design. We could see in these creatures the kaleidoscope of colors from our own home, yet the palette appeared strangely different in your world – a bit subdued.

         Day Six of Creation was the most astonishing of all – for He made mankind from the clay of the earth He’d created, yet in Our Image – the image of the Divine. Adam was taken to the Garden in Eden, the most beautiful place of your world, for it was the place of the Throne of Yahweh . . .  before the Fallen One intruded with his serpent’s tongue, outfitted in the disguise of a Seraphim . . . the winged Mal’akim, who purify with fire from their own mouths, and yes, they bare a passing resemblance to one of your serpents. Seraphim are in constant attendance at the Throne of the Father, as they sing what you term the Trisagion, the constant refrain surrounding Yahweh – Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty! 


Genesis 3:1 LEB – DID GOD INDEED SAY . . . (Emphasis Mine)

Now the serpent (nachash) was more crafty than any other wild animal which Yahweh God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God indeed say, ‘You shall not eat from any tree in the garden’? ”




          The implied lie, and its aftermath, rings down through history in both our realms . . . “mankind could be like the elohim . . . if they ate of the tree”. . . rebellion triumphed . . . and created “the fall of mankind”.

         The Old Dragon, Satan, knew Adam and Eve WERE ALREADY made in the Image of Yahweh.  Mankind was created to be Yahweh’s Imagers in the earth – to be like Him, to represent Him.  All He required of them was . . . obedience . . . only one tree was forbidden . . . The tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil . . . or death would ensue.  Did Yahweh begrudge them the fruit?  Certainly not, but he knew they weren’t ready for the knowledge it would bring.  Only in His perfect timing . . . are we to partake of His Gifts . . . not in our timing . . . and certainly not when Satan urges disobedience.

         He knew before He created them, the nature of both Satan and mankind – he’d given them Free Will – they would be required to choose – Obey or Rebel!  The Son of God, King of the World, knew their choice long before they were faced with it . . . and He knew what He would do to pay man’s debt and bring them home to his heart again!


Genesis 3:14-15 LEB – YOU WILL STRIKE HIM ON THE HEEL (Emphasis Mine)

14 Then Yahweh God said to the serpent (nachash), “Because you have done this, you will be cursed more than any domesticated animal and more than any wild animal. On your belly you shall go and dust you shall eat all the days of your life. 15And I will put hostility between you and between the woman, and between your offspring and between her offspring; he will strike you on the head, and you will strike him on the heel.” 


         The debt of disobedience, the affront to Holiness, would require a payment which could only be made by One, the same One who had elicited the Promise from Adam and required the death penalty to repay the debt . . . Our King!  He knew mankind would suffer grievous earthly consequences, yet He would, Himself, bear the brunt of the wrath of the Almighty, Holy Yahweh, Abba Father.  Realize this first, the Divine, I myself, have not always understood these things, yet we observed and we have learned.  Yeshua, Our King. . . the Elohim. . . always knew and Had already agreed to pay the ultimate price.




         We witnessed a bit of theatre from Ha’Satan, the day he clothed himself as a Seraphim and beguiled Eve. Do not be fooled by his slight-of-hand you call magic, that was no earthly snake nor a throne guardian from Heaven itself. The Father of Lies, himself, whispered spells, incantations and enchantments while masquerading as a friend and counselor, an intellectual, asking the same questions we hear in your world today, even in many of your so-called churches.  “Did God INDEED say. . .?


SIDETRACK – NACHASH – is the Hebrew word translated as serpentconveying little of its true meaning. The Strong’s H5175 – is correctly defined from its root H5172 – a primitive root, properly to hiss, that is, whisper a (magic) spell; generally, to prognosticate: hiss certainly, divine, enchanter, hiss enchantment, learn by experience, hiss indeed, diligently observe.  Nachash is also a place name – the place where bronze and shiny copper are mined from the earth.  Fitting indeed.





Genesis 3:1 LEB – THE FATHER OF LIES (Emphasis Mine)

Now the serpent (nachash– hiss enchantment)was more crafty (H6175 – ‘aruwm – cunning, craft = witchcraft) than any other wild animal which Yahweh God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God indeed say, ‘You shall not eat from any tree in the garden’?” 


          The Hosts of Heaven looked on in consternation as we realized the intent of the old rebel’s heart.  He is very crafty, but rather than confront Adam directly, he chose to confuse Eve and cause her to doubt the goodness of Yahweh’s heart“Did He really say you couldn’t eat from any of the trees?”  His lying implication, of course, was how unfair God must surely be.  The Divine who have known Yahweh since our creation could never doubt His fairness or His Holiness and we watched from the gallery in frustration, as a “great cloud of witnesses”, longing to shout “He is Fair, He is Just, He is true. Do Not Listen to the Liar!” But it was not permitted.   

         We did not know then and could not have imagined the lengthy and costly chain of events to follow, the thousands of earthly years and the precious blood of Yeshua which would be shed to overcome this lie. We were forced to stand by, not realizing then our hearts would be broken and our minds stretched to their limits before right would prevail. . . But prevail it did!  This difficulty has given us a deeper love for our Creator and for mankind, our brothers, than any could ever have imagined . . . either in Heaven or on Earth

            As I recount this Story of our shared history, I am led to pause and consider, was this also a learning exercise for the Divine as well?  Surely not. . . but then. . . His ways are not our ways. . . His thoughts higher than our thoughts. . . and learn. . . yes, we have learnedI believe I have answered my own query!





       The Cherubim, throne guardians of the Heavens and bearers of the Chariot of Yahweh, would now guard the gates of Eden with their many wings and flashing swords. Why such a lethal force for two rebellious and broken human beings?  Precious Child of God, it was not against mankind they stood guard, but against the Original Rebel – Ha’Satan.

         The Old Dragon was originally of their number, the Seraphim and the Cherubim, and it was against his intrusion they defended . . . for he would surely have sought the Tree of Life for nefarious purposes, self-aggrandizement and the permanent destruction of mankind.  After they had eaten from the forbidden tree, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, one taste from the Tree of Life would have given them eternal life.  They had previously been given open access to the Tree of Life, but no more, for, then our ancestors and WE, would have lived forever, in a lost and sinful state with no hope of redemption, permanently cementing Ha’Shatan’s hold on earth and mankind.  Mercifully . . . this would not be allowed by the One who is Mercy Itself!




       Adam and Eve felt the immediate consequences of their choice.  They were banished from their home in the Garden, from their divine brothers, the elohim they’d known since their creation . . . and the greatest loss of all . . . the presence of Yahweh, was no longer theirs to enjoy.  They had never known life absent from Him, could not contemplate it.  The struggle, pain and heartache they would experience was, thankfully, beyond their ability to imagine.  Nor could they conceive the thousands of years which would pass before reconciliation would be made on their behalf and for all mankind . . . and the price . . . no one could have imagined the price.

         Throughout mankind’s history there has always been a plan . . . One who made certain there would be a family, a genetic line, which remained unsullied by the genes of the fallen through which the Redeemer would come. The first man of God chosen after Adam was Seth, then Enoch . . . Noah. . . leading to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, from which would come . . . Yeshua – Jesus the Christ – Redeemer of Fallen Man . . . in the form of a BABY!

         After the Garden, the world had radically changed, even our world, for the divine have always been quite active on earth.  But, the earth itself and all its creatures had been subjected to the curse of sin and its consequences and nothing of creation was as before.  What was perfect and beautiful now suffered corruption leading to death.  The curse is death and on that day, Mankind, the creatures of the earth and the earth itself began the slow spiral of degradation toward the grave . . . just as Yahweh had warned   




         Mankind would now eat by wresting his food by the sweat of his brow from a reluctant earth filled with thorns and briars.  The animals, too, were affected, for those who had always been friends were now enemies as they sought to survive.  The first blood was spilled by Yahweh, to provide a blood-soaked cloak of fur to cover the nakedness of the hapless couple, but more and more blood would be poured out upon the earth as it groaned and heaved violently to shake itself from this new burden of evil

       The magnificent colors were even more subdued than before, there were cataclysmic events from within the earth and from the heavens which seemed to randomly occur, destroying many.  Often, Yahweh would leave our realm to intervene and rescue those from Seth’s blood-line who were in jeopardy, either through their own misdeeds, the manipulations of the Nachash and then the Fallen Watchers

         We were shielded from these machinations in our home, a world you may be unable to imagine.  It might lift your heart to hear a bit about Heaven, for we believe it could be your home one day as well




         It is notable, to the divine, much of mankind spends endless hours, toiling in darkened mine shafts to extract those things which surround our homes and upon which we tread.  The Third Heaven, where we reside, is far above your own sky and atmosphere where the birds soar and the heavenly bodies cry out the ongoing story of Yahweh. Our home reflects the one who created it, The King of Light. The gemstones which make up its walls, gates and streets are the prisms through which the Light of the King, Himself, travels.  The colors cast in reflection on our world, mankind has yet to experience, for they are not merely seen, but truly felt.  The hues reflected are experienced, the sensations resonating through one’s being and reverberating to the drumbeat of the King’s own substance!

         Much fuss is made in your world of a newly discovered yellow diamond of 552 carats. Yet, you cannot know this would scarcely be sufficient to fashion a tiny decorative knob for a door in Heaven.  A diamond, no reflective quality, inadequate for heaven’s brilliance.  Each of the twelve gates of New Jerusalem is one gigantic Pearl.  While on earth, the lives of men are taken in murderous greed to gain even one stone whose size would be fitting only to bedeck a crown when combined with thousands more of far greater beauty.  Heaven’s streets are made with gold so pure it is translucent.  The dwellings for new arrivals are carefully crafted in exquisite personal detail by the Master Craftsman. But, I digress . . . it is of Him I came to speak!  




         We watched, from the halls of Heaven, in awe as He spoke the city called New Jerusalem into being. No one was permitted to assist and no one may enter the unique dwellings.  We long to know their purpose and to whom they will belong, for the numbers of the divine do not grow.  We do have our conjectures, however. The Garden of Eden was home to man and divine and many speculated our brothers might be brought to this realm, yet the limitations of man and the holiness of Our Father surely would not permit this.  Yet still, He is a miracle working King. It is a riddle we sought to solve through the ages . . . admittedly though, the possibilities are intriguing.  I must remember to listen again to the songs of earth . . . I have learned much of your world. . . and of my own from those musical stories . . . perhaps the answer is there!




         Mankind had begun with such promise in the Garden, yet thereafter, they struggled in despair and oblivion, seemingly unaware of any realm other than earth. Many humans joined forces with the Fallen divine and participated in their rebellion.  We, like many of the earth, long to see justice, for both our realms.  We struggle with the seeming unfairness, yet we know Yahweh has made provision – not only for answers to our questions – but for Righteousness to reign eternallyWhat will be the fate of evil mankind . . . and the fate of the ones from our own ranks to ensnare Adam and Eve and their children in a web of liesJustice is assured . . . we know this . . . yet like you, we chafe in indignation as we wait!

         Some of our very own brothers who’d been tasked with “Watching” mankind defied Yahweh’s orders forbidding the mixing of kinds.  The creatures, the Nephilim, resulting from their union with the women and animals of earth were more wicked than any could conceive.  These beings were not like those Yahweh had created, for they were huge, destructive and defiant. Their size was monstrous; their temperament evil and mankind could not provide sufficient foodstuffs for their unending appetites . . . gluttony, perversion and murderous rage, for MORE was there mantra

         Finally, the day came and . . . Yahweh God spoke to Noah . . . “build a tebah – a box, an ark. We watched as Noah and his sons built the largest home imaginable, coated inside and out with pitch and filled with rooms on every level. Certainly, now we know its purpose, but then we did not, for no one in Heaven or Earth had heard of a boat . . . or a flood!  We listened as Noah warned the men and women nearby, God would destroy the earth and everything in it if they did not turn from evil . . . surely they would listen . . . yet they did not.    





         Animals began to arrive near the box and Noah placed 2 of each, male and female, inside along with his entire family and foodstuffs for all.  Yahweh, Himself, closed the door.  Seven days later, the skies began to rumble and water fell to the earth as it had never done, for it had never rained before. The roaring from inside the core of the earth presaged the breaking of the fountains of the deep.  This great deluge destroyed everything on the surface of the earth and the flourishing evil hybrid offspring of the Watchers as the earth itself was covered in water.  Only 8 beings within the ark and the animals therein survived!

         The wailing and blasphemy of the evil ones was beyond comprehension, but when it was done – the earth appeared new again, though greatly altered, and Noah, his family and the animals were safe . . . for a time. We were certain now, mankind would see the truth and understand Yahweh and His admonitions.  Yet . . . alas . . . even some of those who were saved from the waters behaved despicably!

         It seemed, from our viewpoint, mankind went rapidly from one tragedy to the next, learning nothing. At one point, they even attempted to build a Tower called Babel in league with the Fallen who were even then being worshipped by men. These foolish men believed they could FORCE YAHWEH to come down to their realm and do their bidding with their incantations, ceremonies and magic spells!  Oh, foolish men, who now babbled incoherently in new tongues previously unknown.


Tower of Babel, Pieter Bruegel


         Rather than conceiving a Tower, they now focused on weapons of war to destroy their former allies, those they no longer understood.  This, too, was forbidden, for it was  Heavenly technology, shred without permission, which had given them the ability to conceive the weapons.  The Watchers were certain mankind would surely destroy themselves and it has appeared at times they were right . . . but Yahweh has prevented much!   

         The succeeding years were no different, except for Abram and some of those from his family. When Yahweh renamed him Abraham, Father of Many Nations, we knew he would be important to bring mankind back to faith in Yahweh.  Satan knew Abraham was important also, and all his minions made a determined effort throughout the ages to destroy the seed of Promise. . . but God. . . would not allow it!




         Abraham’s family had become slaves in Egypt and once again, the King returned to earth as the Angel of Yahweh ,in great power and glory to assure their safe deliverance, at the hand of Moses, from bondage.  Oh, the miracles we saw Him perform. . . as did mankind.  They crossed the Sea of Reeds, the waters stacking up on either side in a miracle unimaginable. Yet, when the Egyptian army pursued them into the sea and its seemingly safe crossing, Pharaoh’s chariots and men were buried in a watery grave and Abraham’s descendants, were safe once again. 

         Even so, they complained. . . Yahweh was a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night as they trudged grudgingly through the wilderness.  One more opportunity was given and as Yahweh came down on Sinai to set forth His requirements, they formed a calf of gold and began to dance in worship of that which they’d made with their own hands, as the Egyptians had done.  Unimaginably, He did not destroy them, but back to the wilderness He required them to go until the unfaithful had died.

         Israel ate of the bread of Heaven, yet were not satisfied, so He gave them birds without number.  Then they cried for water and the food of Egypt, where they were slaves.  The Angel of Yahweh, accompanied them through the dessert, in the form of A ROCK.  When they cried for water, Yahweh instructed Moses to strike The Rock once. . . and water would be provided for everyone as before.   Moses’ own frustration, and perhaps a bit of ego, caused him to rail at the Israelites, about their ingratitude for all HE HAD DONE, not crediting Yahweh for provision, but himself . . . then he struck The Rock twice, not once, with his staff in fury. Living Water poured out to quench the thirst of the ungrateful and Moses’ own opportunity to enter “The Promised Land” was buried in its flood. Only Joshua, Caleb and the very young, who had not participated in the evil at Sinai, would enter their new homeMoses was allowed to look upon the land, but never was he able to enter.




         One momentous day we saw Gabrielthe Mighty Messenger of Yahweh, leaving the heavenlies with a message from the Father.  Preparations increased, though we were unsure why.  Our imagination made us certain the Hosts of Heaven, led by their Commander Himself, Yahweh Sabaoth, would surely take us in battle to destroy the enemy and Crown Him King over the earth as well as Heaven.  Our excitement knew no bounds . . . yet we could not possibly have been more wrong.




         Abba Father, Almighty God, had responded immediately to Adam and Eve’s banishment after “the Prophecy of the Seed” was spoken. He called, not for the Hosts of Heaven and the armies of the Mal’akim, but for the Heavenly Choir to assemble and rehearsals had begun.  The Seraphim had barely begun with their flashing swords at the gates of Eden when the choir began its rehearsals.  Never in the history of Heaven had there been such an emphasis on one song. We were certain this masterpiece was being readied for the Coronation after the battle when earth was seized from the usurper, for we were not permitted to hear.  Only the choir and Abba Father knew the song they would sing on that night!

         Your earthly bards of song have also captured the moment . . . though it was not the moment most of us had imagined.  Never, in the farthest reaches of our minds could we have considered what the Son of God was about to do! 

         Precious One, we knew and understood nothing of The Resurrection at that time, thus we were wholly unprepared.  We knew only those of mankind who aged and died, were placed in the grave to go back to the earth.  In our understanding, the death of a man – even a very special manwas permanent and we were sure He would be lost to us FOREVER!  The secrecy of this part of the Plan was essential, you see, for if Ha’Satan and the Fallen had known His Death would defeat them . . . “They would never have crucified the Lord of Glory!”  

Perhaps, Heart of my Heart, this will help you to understand our reaction . . .




        We perched in the mezzanine, listening intently as the Angel Choir assembled.  We knew this night was momentous, but no trumpet battle sound came from the Trumpets, the hosts of heaven’s armies were nowhere to be seen and THEN . . . the crystal, clear tenor of one rang out as . . .


The Choirmaster sang . . . 

I can’t begin to count the years I’ve been working on this song.  Each note had to be perfect . . . not too loud and not too long.  The choir rehearsed for endless hours, crystal clear their voices rang . . . so why am I so terrified now that He says . . . it’s time to sing.   

We must have faith that we are ready.  We’ve rehearsed and memorized.  Sacrificed in preparation, for the concert of our lives.  So much is resting on this moment.  Each one has lived and breathed their part.  I hope they recognize its beauty, I pray they take our Words to Heart. 


So, in the sky we came together . . . Our wings sustained our altitude, illuminated by the starlight, each heavenly form in radiant view . . . and on the cue of the Redeemer, as a tiny baby’s cry, the Heavenly Choir began to sing out . . . the Anthem of the Lord that night . . .


         Halleluyah, Halleluyah,

                  Do Not Fear, Good News We bring. 

         Halleluyah, Halleluyah,

                  Hark the Herald Angels Sing,

         Glory to the Heavenly Father,

         Peace on Earth, Good Will to Man –

         Halleluyah, Halleluyah,

                  . . . Christ is Born in Bethlehem


Then the choir moved from the starlight and released their final cord and the earth still tells the story . . .

of the Anthem of the Lord.


         Halleluyah, Halleluyah . . . Christ is Born in Bethlehem!1



         As the final chord rang out through the hills of Bethlehem, those of us in the gallery of Heaven began to look around at the earthly landscape in view.  We saw the shepherds hasten to the Tower at Migdal Eder and realized . . . this is the birthing chamber for the sacrificial lambs of the Temple.  The Ewes are tended there by the Priestly Shepherds, their lambs wrapped in swaddling from the Priests’ garments.  They must not be blemished in birth or by thrashing around, for they must be perfect . . . when they are sacrificed in the Temple. . . their blood a temporary covering for the sins of man

         A slow, aching awareness. . . a dread took hold. . . as the realization began to dawn and horror crept over our countenance . . . the Babe whose birth they celebrated was not some beautiful, nameless child, born to earthly parents, but OUR KING who would be sacrificed for all Mankind!  Please, God, let it not be true. . .But we knew, He would do anything for Love . . . but this . . . even his own life?

         FOCUS. . . we had to focus and thinkWhat had the choirmaster sung and to whom was it directed? . . . the Lord!  We replayed the refrain in our minds . . . as awareness became painful reality . . . 

 . . . On the cue of the REDEEMER . . . as a tiny baby’s cry, the Heavenly Choir began to sing out . . . the Anthem of the Lord that night . . .


           We rushed headlong into the Throne Room before the Father . . . yet the King was not to be seen. . . His Throne was empty. . . His crown at the Feet of Our Abba. . .tears of heartbreak, joy and anguish coursed from the Almighty!


       Our questions spilled out like a flood cascading down a mountainside, one aching question pushing the other aside, when suddenly, the entire sky of Heaven was filled with a replay of the scene in the throne room. . . just BEFORE the Choir sang  





           A song lilted through Heaven, as though in narration as the replay continued, in haunting answer to our desperate pleas. We watched intently as Our Precious King. . . rose from His throne . . .


Like a drama unfolding

The Curtain was Opening

While an Audience of Angels was holding its breath

A census a manger, two travel worn strangers

The Stage was finally set . . .


Angels folded their wings, at the throne worshipping

As God whispered, “I love you, My Son”,

Jesus took off His Crown and laying it down said,

“Father, they will be done.”


Oh, the time had now come for God’s only Son

to be born as a light, In a dark lonely place. 

So, he stepped from Heaven’s Hall

to Bethlehem’s stall where a star lit his newborn face.


Oh, Then God called to Gabriel with gladness and tears,

Play the trumpets, the horns and the strings

Tell the Shepherds and Wise Men and All who will hear,

Command all of the angels to Sing


Fill the sky with your voices and Sing and they Sang

Joy, Joy to the World –

Praise to the King

Oh, Let it Ring,


Joy, Joy to the world,

Worship and Sing

Jesus has come to bring


Joy, joy to the World2

         Precious Child, you must comprehend – Heaven, Yahweh and the elohim exist outside your time and space.  To assuage our fears and help us to grasp the necessity for this sacrifice. . . for sacrifice it surely was . . . Abba Father allowed us to see and hear your responses throughout time . . . to hear your songs and prayers of gratitude . . . and to learn about your SALVATION!      




         Father God allowed the cinematic experience to continue and we heard the questions of mankind reverberating through the ages to come, recorded in the Heavens . . . their search to understand, a longing to know . . . What does it take to Make a King?

         As we’d seen, mankind seemed to understand the Baby far more easily than  the King . . . but some understood . . . the Bards and the Poets at heart.  They taught in song, what mere words could not convey . . . touching the hidden image of deity in mankind with their swelling chords . . . and now others were seeing. . . even the divine began to understand. . . the thing we’d longed to know, but would never experience . . . Salvation!





How is one Saved? or How does one gain Salvation?  BELIEVE – Jesus Christ came to earth and was Born as a Man, was Buried . . . and Rose Again on the Third Day and His Sacrifice PAID  the sin debt for all mankind who would receive it . . . forever!  1 Corinthians 15:1-4


         The Amphitheater of Heaven broadcast the questions, prayers and repentance of man through time immemorial.  We were also shown their own answers, their reasoning, as we heard the songs, throughout the ages yet to come. . . answering the questions no divine could perceive, yet inexplicably, mankind knew. There was something they had learned when He walked the earth as a man . . . when He sent Precious Holy Spirit to dwell there. . . another concept we could not know. . . FaithThey had FAITH (Believing Trust), He WOULD RETURN . . . and NOW, we too, BELIEVED . . . HE WOULD RETURN TO US AS WELL!


         Most of mankind never met Him in their earthly life, yet somehow they knew He Was King . . . They understoodthe price He’d paid . . . They understood what all the Divine had sacrificed for them, for we lived without him for a time . . . and we saw the scars when He returned . . . The scars which will never disappear throughout all eternity.  Their gratitude and love for One they knew only in spirit. . . rang out in song through the Courts of Heaven to soothe the Father’s aching heart . . . and ours as well! Mankind knew intuitively . . . by the Spirit of the Living God!





Starlight, Moon dust, Voices in the Sky,

Midnight and then just a tiny baby’s cry,

Shepherds, amazed to hear the angel’s sing!

That’s what it takes to make a King

That’s what it takes to make a King

Wise Men, Three Kings, Journey from Afar

They’d Been searching, Following a Star

Bowing, They Gave the gifts they came to bring

 That’s what it takes to make a King

That’s what it takes to make a King

Mercy and Love, Sent from Above

A Heart that breaks, that’s what it takes

My heart was hopeless, battered and abused

Choices had left me, broken and confused

One Man, Finally, Made sense of everything

That’s what it takes, That’s what it takes

That’s what it takes to make a King



         Our heartache began to lessen and our fears subside as the Almighty allowed us to behold those whose gratitude we could not conceive.  We always longed to know and understand Salvation and Faith. . . and it seemed our earthly brothers . . . made in the very image of the Divine. . . had unwittingly become our instructors! 

         Although we’d witnessed that dark day of betrayal in the Garden, we could not know the pain of loss and separation Adam and Eve had experienced, for we had never known a moment of our life without Yahweh.  Our minds grasped the concept, but only through the songs and prayers of longingaching hearts and pain of mankind could we begin “to feel”. . . “to experience. . . our own rediscovery of something so precious and so necessary for life itself . . . the Presence of the Almighty . . . something perhaps we’d taken for granted!





     We, too, could learn . . . we could wait . . . we could trust and we could share . . . for there is only . . .



In the Beginning, there was the Word

Pure Love was spoken to reach every man

They stopped and listened but, all that they heard

Was language that they could not understand


No Joy, No Peace, No Hope inside

So, He came with Starlight and love in His Eyes

No Regal Welcome for His infant cries

There have been many babies to become a King

But only One King Became a . . . Baby!


He Left behind His throne of pure light

He Gave up His crown that we might be free

He chose a Manger that Bethlehem Night

Reaching through Time and Space He Saw Me!


No Joy, No Peace, No Hope inside

So, He came with Starlight and love in His Eyes

 No Regal Welcome for His infant cries

There have been many babies to become a King

But Only One King Became a . . . Baby!


He could have chosen to break through the sky

with anthems and angel wings

But he knew we’d understand a baby’s cry 

And Love from a Servant King


He came with Starlight and love in His Eyes

No Regal Welcome for His infant cries

There have been many babies to become a King

Only One King . . . One King . . . Became . . . a Baby!



            Dear One, I pray my memories of a long-ago night in Bethlehem and the panicked hearts of the Divine in the corridors of Heaven serve to assure you of how very precious each of you are to Our Father and the King. . . and to your brothers of the Divine as well!  The price of your freedom was purchased at a cost no man can conceive.  Your ransom was paid fully and completely by . . .


The Son of God

King of Kings

The Beginning and the End

Alpha and Omega

Lord of Lords

Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Lord of Everything

Son of Man

Seed of Abraham



Prince of Peace

The Great I am

He is Lord

He is Redeemer





Who Became . . . a Baby



He chose to die on a Roman Cross . . . to Pay a Debt He Did Not Owe . . . Yet He did it all for You and for me!  Greater Love Hath No Man . . . than to lay down His life . . . For His Friends!

My final prayer for you, my brothers and sisters is . . .

You MUST see yourself as someone who has received a rare and precious blessing. God wants you to see salvation as a gift so great it gives you a deep abiding joy . . . joy so deep, it overshadows your present trials, your fears and yes . . . your doubtsNever in the annals of time has so great a debt been paid BY . . . ONE SO PRECIOUS!  Never Forget . . . 


On a Dark and Cloudy Day, A King hung 

. . . Crying In the Rain . . . 

. . . Because of Love . . . 

. . . FOR YOU . . . 




Thank you for Taking Time for Me . . .




In the True Spirit of our Multi-Media Christmas Story told by the Angels and the Bards and Poets of Song on Earth. I leave you with the song Mary Did You Know? . . . sung by its original writer on Broadway – Mark Lowry.  The Lyrics are beneath the video for you to follow along if you’d like.





Mary did you know that your Baby Boy will One day Walk on Water

Mary did you know that your Baby Boy will Save our Sons and Daughters

Did you know that your Baby Boy has come to make you new

This Child that you delivered, will soon deliver you

Mary Did you Know that your Baby Boy will give sight to a blind man

Mary Did you know that your Baby Boy will calm a storm with his hand

Did you Know that your Baby Boy has walked where Angels trod

Did you Know that when you kiss your little baby you’ve kissed the face of God

The Blind will see, the deaf will hear and the dead will live again

The Lame will leap, the dumb will speak the Praises of the Lamb

Mary Did You Know . . . that your Baby Boy is Lord of All Creation

Mary Did you Know that your Baby Boy will one day Rule the Nations

Did you Know, that your Baby Boy is Heaven’s Perfect Lamb

This Sleeping Child you’re holding . . . is The Great I Am!


A classic rendition of the night itself, by David Phelps . . . O, Holy Night! The Lyrics are below for your enjoyment.



Oh, Holy Night, The Stars are Brightly Shining

Long Lay the World in Sin and Error Pining

Till He appeared and the Soul Felt its Worth

A Thrill of Hope the Weary World Rejoices

For Yonder Breaks a New and Glorious Morn,


Fall on Your Knees, Oh Hear the Angel Voices

Oh, Night Divine, Oh Night When Christ was Born

Oh, Night Divine, Oh Night, Oh Night Divine


Truly He Taught Us to Love One Another

His Law Is Love and His Gospel is Peace

Chains Shall He Break for the Slave is Our Brother

And In His Name All Oppression Shall Cease

Sweet Heavens of Joy in Grateful Chorus Raised

We Let all Within Us Praise His Holy Name


Fall on Your Knees, Oh Hear the Angel Voices

Oh Night Divine, Oh Night When Christ Was Born

Oh Night Divine, Oh Night, Oh Night Divine!



P. S. The songs imbedded in the story, my inspiration, were written and performed by David Phelps and his talented musicians.   He is  a renowned tenor and  his work and numerous albums are available at his website and some songs are posted on YouTube. The songs, their writers and the performing musicians are . . . the Bards and Poets of Song . . . from my story . . . I pray you enjoy and are inspired by them, as I have been.


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