Shahbaz Aziel

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Dear sister in Christ i have visited your site i really impressed and appreciate your upcoming prayers please tell me can i share this prayers with my friends its my prayer for you May God bless you abundantly prayer for the peace of Israel prayer for the peace of Pakistan prayer for peace of the world Amen Shahb

Shelly’s Encouragement

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Sherry , this site is a blessing to me as are you the speaker of it i praise his Holy name for allowing you to share this with us. Thanks and i look forward to More !

Blessed to Be a Blessing!

I believe there are no coincidences in life. As I am trying to be a better blogger, I decided to take some courses from WordPress and one is how to comment. I started looking for blogs to comment on, and yours was recommended to me. What a blessing for me! I have struggled since Thanksgiving with arguing with my children and grandchildren about drinking, and getting so frustrated that I left my daughter’s house early, but not before shouting at my oldest son. I don’t drink, because of alcoholic parents, and my fears are that my children will become alcoholics, so I get upset at their drinking. You helped me see that I need to rethink how I address this issue, as I want them to embrace the God that I taught them as children, but I may be the hindrance in their acceptance of Jesus as Savior and Lord, because I represent Him to them, as a minister and parent. Thank you for a wonderful post that gives me some things to ponder and some apologies to render.


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