Shahbaz Aziel

Shahbaz Aziel 4 days ago· User Info Home Dear sister in Christ i have visited your site i really impressed and appreciate your upcoming prayers please tell me can i share this prayers with my friends its my prayer for you May God bless you abundantly prayer for the peace of Israel prayer for … Continue reading Shahbaz Aziel

Shelly’s Encouragement

Shelly 3 days ago User Info Home Sherry , this site is a blessing to me as are you the speaker of it i praise his Holy name for allowing you to share this with us. Thanks and i look forward to More !

Blessed to Be a Blessing!

isaiah46ministries DECEMBER 16, 2017 AT 9:52 PM EDIT I believe there are no coincidences in life. As I am trying to be a better blogger, I decided to take some courses from WordPress and one is how to comment. I started looking for blogs to comment on, and yours was recommended to me. What a … Continue reading Blessed to Be a Blessing!