Blessed to Be a Blessing!

I believe there are no coincidences in life. As I am trying to be a better blogger, I decided to take some courses from WordPress and one is how to comment. I started looking for blogs to comment on, and yours was recommended to me. What a blessing for me! I have struggled since Thanksgiving with arguing with my children and grandchildren about drinking, and getting so frustrated that I left my daughter’s house early, but not before shouting at my oldest son. I don’t drink, because of alcoholic parents, and my fears are that my children will become alcoholics, so I get upset at their drinking. You helped me see that I need to rethink how I address this issue, as I want them to embrace the God that I taught them as children, but I may be the hindrance in their acceptance of Jesus as Savior and Lord, because I represent Him to them, as a minister and parent. Thank you for a wonderful post that gives me some things to ponder and some apologies to render.


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